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Zenon delivered 25 new robotic packaging systems

Packaging automation with robotic systems is a basic need of every industrial unit. Especially in the time of the pandemic this need became more urgent. To the classic benefits of robotic packaging (cost reduction, flexibility, productivity, etc.) was added the need for better management of available resources and minimizing the possibility of contamination at production sites.

Zenon Automation SAICT has been active in robotic packaging since 1985, having installed more than 200 systems in Greece and abroad. Zenon has recently installed more than 25 robotic packaging systems in Greek industries but also in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus and Malta.

An important innovation, introduced by Zenon, is the integration of digital interconnected automation in its systems in accordance with the requirements of the new industrial revolution.

It is worth mentioning that Zenon's customers are no longer just the large industries, but also the small and medium industries, which are starting to install robotic systems taking advantage of the reduced cost of Zenon's new standardized systems.

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